Sibley 12/15

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Hit Sibley for a bit yesterday 12/15 in the afternoon. Access is good. There is considerably less snow to the east of Bismarck. Lake had 13" of very cloudy ice, the surface is rough also and you could tell that it was snowing and blowing when things froze over. The bottom 1-2 inches appeared to be clear ice. I wouldn't be to anxious to take a vehicle out on any ice right now.

Stayed towards the north end in 12 ft to 22 ft of water. Lots of lookers but not many takers, ended up with 2 that were caught towards evening, both were 16" or so. Spoke with another who was out and he reported the same luck.
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Sibley Lake


  1. Lycanthrope's Avatar
    What species?

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  2. deleted_account's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lycanthrope
    What species?

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  3. Nanky's Avatar
    I'm thinking catfish . . .

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  4. martinslanding's Avatar
    My best guess and keep in mind this is solely based off of the font type is - arctic grayling

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  5. Duckslayer100's Avatar
    Clearly he's talking crappies. Everyone knows Sibley is the next big slabba-jamma, a la Red Lake circa 1999.

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  6. Vollmers's Avatar
    I'd be willing to bet that Lycan is thinking river backwater near Sibley park?

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  7. Fishmission's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure the species is ling

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  8. Sum1's Avatar
    I was up there the other day and got sick of catching 5lbers. Spread the word!

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  9. deleted account's Avatar
    I agree with vollmers

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  10. Sum1's Avatar
    I never really caught any 5 lbers.

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  11. ndwalleyes's Avatar
    My thoughts on Sibley is that it has gotten picked over pretty good over the past few years. There are still a lot of little 12" fish in the lake...I just think it will need a little recovery time. It gets a lot of pressure.

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