Bassing for Cats Pt Deux

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Hit the river Saturday to see what I could find for more catfish beings the last couple were do tasty. Tried to find some frogs on short notice with no luck so it ended up being beef liver for bait. The river had come up 2.5-3ft so that forced me to work the bank a little different and trying to find a different angle for working the current in about a 90 degree turn of the river. Finally got into a spot were I could work the faster moving down stream as well as the eddies circling back with my rods only spaced 2ft apart. The fast current produced a smaller cat and the Eddie area gave me 3 more small ones, a goldeye, and yellow bellied brindle. Liver was best with no takers on the goldeye cuts. The cats were 1-1.5lb and tasted great off the smoker sprinkled with cajun seasoning with some dirty rice and bourbon 7 to wash it all down.
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Sheyenne River


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    [IMG] [/IMG]

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    Great report, and pics. Thanks much!

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    Oops wrong lake..

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