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So much for a video report. Anyway fish are all over. We still fished shallow pitching plastics in weeds or dragging gold bottom bouncers though 7-12fow. Within sight the winner of the tourney was slip bobbering 30fow water and also within site 100 or so mn residents helping us with white bass population. Nice day on the water. The white bass we're on a tear. Don't put your finger in the water as they bit mine. Less than 7fow is where the Whitey's we're. Good fishing see u on the water.
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Devils Lake


  1. shorthairsrus's Avatar
    Tried to load pic couldnt

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  2. 8andcounting's Avatar
    This weekend has been one of the toughest I've ever had on DL - fishing east Devils , never ever seen the water this clear - only way to catch has been throwing raps . Still very slow but one now and again. The spinner bite is dead out here until we get some wind or something to stain the water

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  3. shorthairsrus's Avatar
    Algae bloom happens west to east.

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  4. 8andcounting's Avatar
    I get that but seems really late this year it's almost July and the water is gin clear in east Devils and black tiger

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  5. Sluggo's Avatar
    What size were the bass? We usually rank them: small, medium and large and when we were there 2 weeks ago, they were all small sized.

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  6. shorthairsrus's Avatar
    All sizes no Jumbo's.

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  7. dwos03's Avatar
    Fished East Bay on Saturday and had no luck whatsoever. Pulling spinners in about any depth of water we could try. And to top it off, it downpoured on us! I guess that must have been a sign that it was just not our day...

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