Eastern Third (Beulah and east) Sept 9th

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Hey all, Fished the last call out of beulah this last weekend. We got held out on Saturday due to the token North Dakota blow and had to fish sunday. I didn't have any pre-fish days due to work but here is what I can tell those hopeful souls out there.

I fished labor day weekend Sat and Sun from approx 8am to approx 3pm each day. I found very scattered fish from 83 to beulah running the south shoreline in about 30' of water. It seemed to be a morning only bite (shut off around 10am).
- If it was cloudy, fish were <30'
- If it was sunny, fish were deeper.
I did find fish in 25' range sunday morning while a friend rap'd his up in 40' sitting on the bait cloud. There was very little bait and not much for fish to be found on the north shore from Garrison Bay west to Douglas Bay which is what pushed me to the south shore.

There was no such thing as a "school" to be found, I was strictly playing spot and stalk with the marks on my graph. Very scattered, sometimes a hundred yards or more between arc's.

Fast forward to Sunday on the water, I started with my waypoints on the south shore, only to find no bait and no fish, the south wind saturday blew everything to the north side. I ran further east to mallard island and rap'd up a 22" to lose it at the net at about 9:30am. We kept playing leap frog looking for sunken points or humps in the 30' range with fish on them, after I fished the 7 sisters I found some bait on the north shore at de-trobriand island. At this point I started marking good fish but couldn't get them to go. I started working my way west following the same theory and finally about 2:50pm west of douglas bay we got into some nice fish on a sunken hump. Pulled up a 24", 22" and a 20 3/4" in about 25mins before we had to pack up to make the 4pm weigh in. 10.64# put the wife and I middle ground out of 63 teams.

What I can tell you for sure.
- If it was windy, fish yesterdays wind.
- Jigging raps and cranks seems to be hottest, go with bass/white bass/ chartreuse colors. Maybe a jig and minnow but I never gave it a go.
- If you don't mark a fish in 300yds, vacate the area and move on
- Surface temps are still holding around 65-70deg which is why we are in such a slump right now!
-32.32# won the tournament from west of beulah bay, not sure if Shell Village or Nishu Bay TBH
- heard good things about Nishu Bay if anyone is close or wants to make the run.

Hope this helps someone, there are good fish to be caught, just look at making a day of it!!

Tight lines!!
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    Great report!

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    Awesome report!

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