Garrison Dam Tailrace - 9-11-18

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Fished from shore on east rocks, close to the north end. About 10 or 12 casts south of the barbed wire fence. Arrived about 9:30 PM and fished until a little after 1 AM. Tried pitching jigs with white plastics, green plastics, and silver gray plastics. Nothing. Tried throwing various cranks. Nothing.

Quit from a little after 1, until about 4:45 AM and hit it again. Threw the kitchen sink. Nothing.

Clearly, I need more practice.

I had two or three bites, and caught one carp.

Go get 'em boys. I did what I could, but I left them all there.

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Missouri River


  1. Captain Ahab's Avatar

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  2. JayKay's Avatar
    Loft? Not sure what that means. I'm pretty shaken up after getting blanked. My snappy comebacks are on hold..

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  3. Captain Ahab's Avatar
    Lack of F’n Tallent. Ha ha. Everybody takes a beating now and then.

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  4. JayKay's Avatar
    Well, that describes me pretty well. Sluggo said it pretty well too. He said "you obviously suck at catching fish".

    Go ahead. Heap 'em on me. I'll save all the trash-talk, and dish it out someday down the road.

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  5. Sluggo's Avatar
    That doesn't sound like me at all.

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  6. Migrator Man's Avatar
    Try ripping clear husky jerks then letting them drift a little down stream. Repeat until the lure is close to shore.

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  7. Davey Crockett's Avatar
    Does the moon phase seem to have a lot of affect on night fishing ?

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  8. JayKay's Avatar
    I don't guess it does much, in the tailrace. It's pretty bright in there anyhow, all night long.

    The bigger question about moon-phase in general, is that I don't think it helps. I watch the moon-phase quite closely, this time of the year. When it's a bright full moon, it's EASIER to fish, given that you can see quite well. But I don't feel like the fishing is necessarily better.

    With one exception. I like a full moon on a breezy partly cloudy night. When it's dark, then light, then dark, then light, THAT seems to always trigger the fish.

    A clear full moon night almost seems too bright.

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