Darling again...

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Welp I posted a warning and it did no good. Let's make this guy famous! Picked up his pile of cans yet again.
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Lake Darling


  1. Chooch's Avatar
    What a jack ass did you call him out?

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  2. JayKay's Avatar
    Pick them up and throw them right in the back of the truck, then sit there and watch, with your phone in your hand.

    Dare him to litter again, after you have taken a pic of his license plate.

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  3. Wags2.0's Avatar
    Based on his pickup alone he looks like a very unlikable person.

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  4. zoops's Avatar
    Reminds me of the old 'bakken points' thread from fbo i believe...

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  5. Jigaman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wags2.0
    Based on his pickup alone he looks like a very unlikable person.
    I bet he has a 6.5 creedmore in the gun rack...

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  6. Wags2.0's Avatar
    With a nightforce and it’s only been bore sighted at scheels

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    Updated 09-14-2018 at 03:48 PM by Wags2.0
  7. Rizzo's Avatar
    I bet that guy gets piss on his fingers when taking a leak.

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  8. Velva_zv21's Avatar
    How was the fishing? Any good? Besides the jackass that left the garbage behind thanks for picking it up. Next time tip a can upside down and leave it on his antenna and throw the rest inside the cab, maybe next time he will get the hint to pick up his stuff

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  9. Velva_zv21's Avatar
    Next time walk up and tell him you collect cans and then do^^^^^^

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  10. Brasmunky's Avatar
    Fishing was slow. Let's just say I got more empty cans than bites

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  11. MSA's Avatar
    Lol...i started that accesorized truck thread. Surprised I never got my ass kicked by some OFT tough guys with buckle jeans, boots outside their pants, and monster energy/tapout shirts for publicly ripping on their rigs.
    Not sure it'd score alot of bakken points, but it's definitely in that category.

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  12. Captain Ahab's Avatar
    He’s probably saving up for stacks.

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  13. BRK's Avatar
    Anyone running a duelly with those rims/tires and a lift should have a nutsuck stamped on his head after he passes out drunk. What a waste of truck. No surprise he's littering all over hell.

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