Red River 9-19-18

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Things are changing fast now as they do every year about this time. The low water and lack of current continues. Over the past few days and looking at the forecast water temperatures will plummet over the next week or so.

The big fish have come alive and are actively feeding to get ready for the winter. they are feeding on the softer side of the current or shallow but near deeper water. Sit times do not need to be more than 20 minutes as they will be in the area and hit the bait or they won't. Frogs have been the hands down best bait but they will take sucker, either fresh or frozen. As mornings get colder the frog bite will slow and they will feed more on cut baits.

Last week I had the opportunity to guide a guy to the IGFA 4# line class record 18.25 pounds. (the guy in the white hat in the photo) A unique experience for sure.
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