Beaver Bay, Porcupine & Cattail 10/6/18

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Braved the cold today and headed down to Beaver Bay this morning. Maybe 5 boats at the ramp. Spent some time on the east side of the bridge that ended up being a waste.

Headed down to porcupine and picked up 4 nice eaters all 15-18 inches. Fished the channel breaks in 25 - 45 FOW with jigs and minnows or gulp and raps. Water temp was 58 degrees. Wasn't fast and furious, maybe a fish every 1/2 hour on average. But enough to keep it interesting.

Headed down to cattail and picked up a single and then headed to the four mile area and caught squat. Headed back up to porcupine and were able to pick up 3 more before the wind picked up and made things a bit chilly.

Caught 50% on dead sticks. Tried different colors and presentations to try trigger a better bite but it just didn't seem to matter. Plenty of bait and fish on the graph they just aren't in the mood to eat.

8 or 10 boats at Hazelton ramp on the way home. Only one boat fishing in the honey hole by the ramp, the others appeared to be scattered between the powerlines a Eckroth.

Was actually pretty comfortable on the water this morning with the wind down and the ice gear on. Still hopeful the weather is going to turn warmer and the fall bite really picks up as the water temp drops a bit more.
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    Thanks for the report.

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