Audubon - 3 Mile Bay

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Took the daughter ice fishing Saturday afternoon for a couple hours...her first trip out on the ice. We just went to 3 Mile...short walk out into the east bay. Checked the ice as we made our way out...7 inches solid everywhere I drilled. Set up from 30 fow on the basin edge up to about 14 fow. Started marking fish about 4pm...lots of lookers but no takers. Wrapped things up about 5 because the daughter was getting cold even sitting in the flipover with the Buddy heater going. I forget sometimes how conditioned to the cold I am...if alone I would not have even set the house up! Did notice 2 guys fishing on the far side of Car Body when we pulled in...kinda surprised me...pretty good walk from the ramp at 3 Mile.
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Lake Audubon


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    Better luck next time!

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