Ice hole


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Be out in southeast next week. Will post what I find or catch. Guess I'll be searching for strong schools of fish. Ice is looking good from what I hear.
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  1. Bacon's Avatar
    Be sure to post your results so we can get half of Wisconsin up here.

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  2. guywhofishes's Avatar
    “strong schools”. A new phrase for me.

    I am undecided on how to react. Torn so to speak.

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  3. Kentucky Windage's Avatar
    The ice isn’t thick enough yet, stay home.

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  4. Fly Carpin's Avatar
    My patent pending Dairyland Detector is going off

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  5. Feildhunter701's Avatar
    Be very careful. Ice in that area is not safe.

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  6. Wags2.0's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fly Carpin
    My patent pending Dairyland Detector is going off
    hahaha awesome

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  7. SDMF's Avatar
    The Wisconcunt flocks are merging up and migrating west for their Polish Poach-Fest.

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  8. Kentucky Windage's Avatar
    Schools of strength

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  9. guywhofishes's Avatar
    that phrase is growing on me I tell ya

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  10. Fishmission's Avatar
    found a few today but these were just weak schools.

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