Sibley Lake

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Has anyone one been out to Sibley? How's the ice thickness\ hidden pressure ridges? Did the storm mess up access at all? I know in years past that road in has been a $#|% show. Thinking about doing a over nighter out there this weekend. Anyone having any luck?

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Sibley Lake


  1. H82bogey's Avatar
    I haven't been out since the storm, but the Sunday before Xmas the ice was 10" in most places.

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  2. Red1Delta's Avatar
    Fished last Saturday and Tuesday at Sibley. Ice was 12” plus where I fished. Drove my truck out on Tuesday. There were lots of trucks and houses on the ice.

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  3. ktm450's Avatar
    fished last week Friday- that access road was something, 4 wheel drive was needed. lots of snow on the ice, some people had been driving there trucks out there. had about 14" of ice where we fished. bite was very slow

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  4. BigRackMounter's Avatar
    We went out Sat access was not a issue the boat dock was very icy with a large ice bump at the bottom so beware of that. managed to find fish right away got a couple small eyes in about 20 fow people were scattered all over the lake not a lot of rhyme or reason to it and we too just set up in a random spot. Snow on the lake is not a issue for a full size pickup or 4 wheeler however we were the fools trying to pull the permanate with the 4 wheeler. This was a bit of a challenge as the drifts were quite hard and perfectly spaced so that the 4 wheeler was on clean ice about the time the ice house hit the snow bank. lots of shoveling!!! buddy had 4 wheeler with tracks that was the answer he had no problems pulling his and ended up helping pull me out. all in all graphed a lot of fish but only the 2 takers.

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  5. dhouston's Avatar
    Had a great day out on Sibley today. Bite was off and on in about 25' of water. Caught about 20 perch and saw a few Walley on the Vexlar. Kids had a great time and so did the novice fishing adults
    Ice is about 14" thick and was pretty easy to travel on.

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  6. Jim Simmers's Avatar

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