Jasper Lake

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Might be able to save some folks a trip. Some asshat decided to plow a bunch of snow onto the boat ramp so you can’t drive a vehicle on. It’ll probably be that way for the rest of the winter unless someone comes in with some equipment.

We walked in anyway. Ice was 12-14” where we were.
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  1. Jm1986's Avatar
    How was the fishing?

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  2. Trey5150's Avatar
    Is it worth the walk?

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  3. Sum1's Avatar
    That’s proof the fishing is good right there. Someone is doing there damndest to keep it to themselves.

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  4. zoops's Avatar
    Must be. I've seen in the past where that's the only lake in the area plowed out so that's an odd development. Nice fish in there but getting them to bite has always been tricky for me.

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  5. Jowenger23's Avatar
    I was there when it happened. He actually was trying to clean it out with a plow on his truck. Snow was to hard and alot of it so he quit. Fishing was not good

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  6. Meelosh's Avatar
    Well if that’s the case, I can see how that could happen. I rescind the asshat comment. Still sucks though.

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