Lakes around Cass County ND

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Anyone fishing lakes around the area? Lookin to go out maybe this weekend with a buddy for a few hours. Based out of Hunter, so not lookin for anything over an hour and a half drive. Just lookin to see if there is fish biting. Thanks for any help.


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  1. KDM's Avatar
    Did you ever fish any of the other 8 lakes/areas you were given help with?? Ever heard the story of the little boy who cried wolf??

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  2. ShootnBlanks's Avatar
    Casselton Res is hot right now

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  3. Chooch's Avatar
    KDM, why are you a constant jerk? Your on here probably every day trolling threw the reports never see you giving good reports only these petty child responses. It’s better if you just say nothing then you can still troll all the good reports,

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  4. walleyeman_1875's Avatar
    Chooch —- you may want to get up to speed on KDM and his postings and reports. Are you getting your information from BuzzFeed??

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  5. Chooch's Avatar
    The point is we are all outdoorsman, we don’t need to make stupid remarks when someone asks for information, no matter how much the guy asks for. Isn’t sharing information the purpose of fishing reports?, he practically told me the same thing 6 months ago when I moved from a Minot to Jamestown when I asked for some guidance on the fishing in this area.

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  6. KDM's Avatar
    I agree Chooch or is it ndfinfan? I'm not sure which. Anyway, the point is to participate in a give and take between outdoorsman. What I see here is a one way street. Where's this sharing of information from walleyeman16 you speak about as being the purpose of fishing reports. I have yet to see a fishing report from this guy. No information offered, but lots being asked for. I just asked if this walleyeman16 had anything to offer except requests for MORE help. Show me where I'm wrong.

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  7. guywhofishes's Avatar
    the OP is not a fishing report - not even remotely

    sharing of information? where?

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  8. Kentucky Windage's Avatar
    This is great!

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  9. Kentucky Windage's Avatar
    This site has been active for almost 4 years. I’ve yet to see a fishing report telling everybody: lake, exact location on said lake, time of day, presentation, bait, speed, etc. I wonder why that is? Any guesses?

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  10. guywhofishes's Avatar
    sorry chooch - but this seems goofy to me

    "The point is we are all outdoorsman, we don’t need to make stupid remarks when someone asks for information, no matter how much the guy asks for."

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  11. Vollmer's Avatar
    Asking for information here and there is definitely within the realm of what this site is about, however, I do see the frustration toward Walleyeman16 being valid from the community on this one. It is proper etiquette to give some information back if you are going to constantly be asking for it.

    walleyeman_1875, your situation was different, as it was more of a one-off thing. (completely acceptable, and wanted) A majority of people on here want to help others, but as KDM said, it should be a give and take.

    It has become quite repetitive, though, with Walleyeman16. (with no give)

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  12. Casey Buchholz's Avatar
    I've tried to communicate with Walleyeman16 on several occasions in order to give him better information. He never responded. For all I know he is a guide using my information for profit. It's definitely a discouragement as I was just trying to help out a fellow angler.

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  13. Meelosh's Avatar
    Guide? Shit, at this point I think we’ve found Schnering’s alternate account.

    And for what it’s worth Chooch, KDM will move heaven and earth to help folks that are in honest need of it. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that the OP does not fall in that group.

    And OP, if you truly are just some dude that doesn’t get how it works yet, just go fishing. What’s the worst that can happen? Every fisherman worth his salt has traveled half way across the state chasing a bite and had a tough go of catching. So what. That’s life.

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    Updated 01-25-2019 at 12:52 PM by Meelosh
  14. MuleyMadness's Avatar
    Nothing pisses me off more than someone that wants to catch and not fish. We all love to catch fish but its more about time outdoors spent with others enjoying what the great state of ND has to offer. Some of my best trips were catching one or 2 fish. And Boy you guys picked the wrong guy to pick on as far as calling him a jerk in KDM. The guy that comes out and offers his land to kids just starting out in hunting and will always answer any question you may have for him. Its not hard to find out in this post who the real bozo's are.

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  15. Kourtsdad's Avatar
    I appreciate all the sharing of info on this site. I am from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, and I don’t comment much because those of us not from ND are not well-received by some here. I work here in ND a lot, and about three years ago started packing my fishing stuff. I love what ND does for fishermen. This state is going a great job, in my opinion. I haven’t shared info because I usually only fish when I can, near where I’m working. In the past three years I have caught my largest rainbow trout (28”), salmon, catfish, paddlefish (accidentally), cutts, and Browns. I’ve also caught a lot of walleye with my fly rod. Not “bragging”, but thankful. I will try to share relevant info when I can. Thank you all for making this the best, most current, forum I’ve ever seen.

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  16. luvcatchingbass's Avatar
    Heard a grumbling about a place not far from Hunter, sounds to me it is like fishing in a bowl and one can probably pull some browns but size is a whirlpool of reports. Here are the coordinates I was given via Google Earth
    40* 11' 01.60"N
    97* 12' 35.50"W

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  17. Chooch's Avatar
    KDM, I apologize if I am wrong about you, and if I am wrong about that walleye guy, I love this site, and look at it quite a bit, but I only usury look at the fishing reports so I don’t see all the other postings, I’ll be the first person to raise my hand if I was in the wrong which sounds like I am so I apologize. and no I am not ndfinfan, I met him once while I was living in Minot, he was a big help in giving me ideas on where to take my kids fishing, he is much older than I am

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    Updated 01-25-2019 at 03:57 PM by Chooch
  18. KDM's Avatar
    NO worries Chooch. I took no offense. I am very capable of being a jerk. However, if you look at the history of walleyeguy16, it will become quite obvious that this user has no intentions of helping anyone else. It's these types of people and this kind of behavior that will destroy a great site like this by creating an environment where guys like casey bucholz, myself, and many others will refuse to help anyone asking for help as nobody likes being taken advantage of. Hence the "Cry Wolf" analogy. It is exactly the sharing of info you speak of that makes this site as AWESOME as it is. However, I believe it incumbent upon each member to look out for the best interests of each other member to ensure information parasites don't take hold and drag the whole site down. Kentucky Windage has already called him out for being a parasite and nothing changed. He's still asking for info without offering any in return, so I'm calling this walleyeman16 to the carpet as well!! Sorry, but I'm not going to apologize for it either.

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  19. bucksnbears's Avatar
    Calling KDM a jerk is like calling me a queer
    Don't know about any lakes but fishing the red River where tribs dump in can be very good.

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  20. KDM's Avatar
    Well Boys, I found out a bit about this walleyeman16 and let's just say he's not trying to take advantage of anyone. The details are of a personal nature, so let's just say I'll help him however I can when he asks. Thanks!!

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