Lake Josephine 2.2.2019

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Neighbor and his kids wanted to do a little fishing before the Super Bowl Sunday. So we loaded up and made it out to Lake Josephine by late afternoon on Saturday 2.2.2019.

Access to the lake was still open (maybe from the tournament a few weekends ago, as someone plowed from the boat ramp quite a ways to the northwest side of the lake). Off of the road there was quite a bit of drifting in most places and I'm afraid we weren't able to venture off the road very far before setting up the house.

We fished from 3:30-10:30 Saturday night, put the rattle reels down for the night, and fished the morning from 6:30-9:30. Marked a fair number of fish, but the bite was a bit slow, caught 9 perch and 2 walleye. Kept 5 fish total. Kids had fun. Fish house worked great again. Name:  josephine 2.2.2019.jpg
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