Antelope Lake

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So, finally made it up to Minot after asking for all that advice and reports. Went out on Sat. with my grandpa. Didn't go far from the ramp on the Anamoose side of the lake. Got set up around quarter to 8. Marked lots hugging the bottom. Must have been roaming schools, as they would come and go. Few little ones. Lost a giant at the hole. Kept 6. Caught my new PB perch. Didn't measure, but roughly 11-12 inch. Lots little ones were stealing bait. Really slow. Packed up around 2. As we were leaving, I saw something hilarious. 2 High school age kids came down the ramp with an old Buick car and had a Clam Fishtrap strapped to the roof. Snow was about 6 inches deep, and they didn't make it more than 100 ft. from the ramp, before they got stuck. Lots vehicles movin round to. Tight lines everyone


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    Good report

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    I seen these guys too when I was driving through Anamoose, and thought they would be in trouble if they tried to drive down the boat ramp. I also got stuck in my 4x4 on Antelope last Sat on the East side of the lake, and spent about an 1/2 hr digging myself out. It would be impossible to get around on that lake now after this past storm system went through. only caught 3 perch last Sat so fishing is very slow, I wouldn't be wasting my time on that lake anymore this season.

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