East Sakakawea Ice ?

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Just wondering how the ice is and if there’s any access by wolf creek or anywhere close to there, any info would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Motor Mouse's Avatar
    Lots of ice. Lots of snow! Some plowed trails at the west campground access. You can get on the ice at the boat ramp area to. Some nice pike being caught in that area.

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  2. Ice's Avatar
    Thank you so much !! We’re gonna go try it tomorrow so I will definitely post a report and let you know how we do.

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  3. Ice's Avatar
    Well I went to wolf creek today and the fishing was very slow, missed a decent walleye other then that did not catch shit. The access was good but when we left the wind was blowing pretty good so few spots were sketchy but I think a guy can still get around ok

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  4. Motor Mouse's Avatar
    Well our luck was the same. Fished west of Rock Island on the Mallard Island shore line.

    Had a done solid bite but missed it and did graph some fish but could not get them to go.

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  5. bronco's Avatar
    Same in Garrison bay lots of snow, good ice made an attempt at some Pike on Saturday. Three hours 1 flag

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  6. bronco's Avatar
    hey guys fished for pike last weekend there is a ton of snow on the ice. if you plan on fishing the east end tracks are a must unless your walking out which is extremely difficult. fishing was slow but most of the few caught were solid fish between 14-17lbs. best fishing was in 12-16 feet off the edge of sunken island

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  7. bronco's Avatar
    update lake is getting easier to get around on lots of soaked up snow still on the ice. fished last Friday and Saturday for pike and I mean fished catching was not good its been painfully slow. Talked to a group of six last night that fished Monday on Douglas bay and Tuesday on Garrison Bay same story lots of flags very few fish. they seem to run thirty feet or so and then drop the bait. Hopefully this weekend will be better...

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