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Went down to Alkaline this past weekend for the tourney. Fishing was very slow for everyone that I talked too. Also TONS of snow down there. I wouldn’t recommend going to Lake Alkaline. Has anyone heard any good reports from anywhere?
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  1. Green19's Avatar
    Any other road reports of at least getting to the lake?

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  2. Colenelson's Avatar
    On lake alkaline you mean? @green19

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  3. Green19's Avatar
    No, not on the lake, just the roads getting to the lake.

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  4. Lapper's Avatar
    I fished that too. I had several really nice perch a buddy that had tracks got to a better spot and had 18 walleye himself. If you can get on it’s decent.

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  5. Bacon's Avatar
    You can get to the lake. But you better have a snowmobile or tracks if you decide to go on the lake.

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  6. Green19's Avatar
    Can you get to the lake now? How is the road leading into the lake?

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  7. dukgnfsn's Avatar
    they had close to or more than 20 inches of snow or more in the last 2 weeks and the interstates have been closed almost 2 days and a lot of secondary roads are still closed at this time. You do the math and see what you come up with, I already have my answer, just saying. We as sportsman need to not add ourselves to the need to be rescued list as they are busy enough at this time. they said Ashley had 17 inches in last storm and alkaline lake are well over 10 probably, I would guess unless some local for some reason opens up a trail it is probably no more ice fishing in a lot of areas, when there is finally some kind of access it will be a mud pit and we will be tearing up trails and roads

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