Nelson Lake

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Lapper and I took the boat to Nelson yesterday. Apparently it wasn't an original idea. We didn't catch a lot of fish but the quality was decent. We caught mostly largies and a few crappies. The thing to note here is that the creek bringing water into the lake is at max capacity so my guess is that the lake temps are going to drop significantly over the next couple weeks and the water will get dirty. Everyone used the ramp by the warm water release and it was pretty muddy. The lake temp was around 60 degrees from 1 end to the other.
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Nelson Lake


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    Bass and crappies are going strong on Nelson, and both species appear to be hitting their spawn. Caught and released 45 crappies in an hour yesterday on a variety of jigs in localized spots on the north side, all were 9" or better, with 6 over 13 inches. Bigger females appeared to be moving up, probably 3:1 white-to-black ratio, with best quality day yet this spring. Take a kid fishing!

    Found smaller bass up shallow and managed a 19.5" full of eggs on a tube and an 18" that didn't appear to have eggs, but could have been a big male, which came on an X-Rap over a flat. Structure or shoreline vegetation was generally key to fish.

    No west end dock yet. Been using the waders to launch the boat on solo trips.

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