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Been fishing around bismarck for walleye recently. Took the boat out at Fox one day w no luck. Been shore fishing at fox and have only managed 1 walleye in 3 or 4 trips on shore. Shore fished last night at the desert and caught 2 sturgeon and a cat. Was hoping someone had some tips for some walleye near bismarck. I go to umary and am leaving next weekend and I want to get on a decent amount of eyes before I head home for the summer!
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Missouri River


  1. millert1981's Avatar
    Try the Heskett Plant in the evening pitching floating Rapalas, or could also try and fish under Memorial Bridge area??

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  2. ranger150's Avatar
    You don't accept private messages. Too bad. I was willing to help.

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  3. Andymorg's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ranger150
    You don't accept private messages. Too bad. I was willing to help.
    shoot! Im trying to figure out how to send ya a message! If you want, you could send a text over to me at 4o6-696-4oo5

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  4. Vollmers's Avatar
    Fishing around the Bismarck area is "stupid good" right now.

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  5. Phill Latio's Avatar
    wow almost 1500 views on this? Ramps are gonna be busy tomorrow!!!!

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  6. Mgx2400's Avatar
    Can't be Any busier then they were today. Bumper boat city

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  7. Rowdie's Avatar
    And no one can give a report? w,t,f,

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  8. walleyeman_1875's Avatar
    Took the kids out this afternoon. Ramp by interstate sucks a bit as it’s filled in with sand. Crooked trailer never fun to load.

    Fishing was was not good for us. The again, I’m pretty clueless on the river. I saw one walleye caught during my two hours out and it wasn’t by my boat.

    Fished north up to heskett. I’m open to any suggestions as this river fishing just isn’t as easy as most people say.

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  9. Flatrock's Avatar
    I fished the river a couple this times this week out of Fox Island. I'm an average river fisherman but did piss poor all 3 times. Fished around other boats a lot and only saw 2 or 3 walleyes caught the entire time. I know some guys are getting them but to me, it sure seems like it's been slow this week. Sounded like a week or 2 ago was maybe better.

    Was stupid busy at Fox this morning though. The parking lot was overflowing with trailers before 9:30.

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  10. Mgx2400's Avatar
    You think the interstate ramp is bad. Go to misty waters. I fish out of an older bayliner inboard. I couldn't make it onto the river it was too shallow. Couldn't trim up enough and still have momentum. Been out a couple times around railroad bridge and north and have only seen 2 fish caught. The fish aren't running yet in my case.

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  11. SlamminSalmon's Avatar
    Couldn’t even get my nitro off the trailer at misty waters what a joke!

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  12. Hookin8easy's Avatar
    Just sold the glass and went back to aluminum and rollers for these reasons alone, I can avoid wind better than low water

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  13. Bfishn's Avatar
    I was out Friday and Saturday and caught a total of two fish, Didn't see many fish get caught either. I think its a bit early for "numbers" mostly just hoping for a big girl right now. Give it a week or so and it should pick up.

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  14. Allen's Avatar
    Spotty is the best term for the fishing along the river in between Mandan and Bismarck. For every boat that comes in with an easy limit, there are 10 that struggled to catch 2 or 3 fish. I was out yesterday with a good friend near Fox, I caught 3 eyes, a trout, and a sturgeon. He caught one eye. I also continued my losing ways with the fish by losing another couple, including one good one right beside the boat. It seems like the fish turn on for very brief periods of time, you get 3-5 bites in ten minutes followed by 2 hours of not-a-damn-thing.

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  15. Allen's Avatar
    Note, the shallowest I've caught a fish lately has been around 3 ft with the better numbers being in the 18-20 ft range. However, I know several that are targeting depths in between those, so no real pattern there either.

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  16. JayKay's Avatar
    After dark, the fish are s-h-a-l-l-o-w. As in, sometimes under 1 ft.

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  17. nybs's Avatar
    I tried Fox Island last night for a couple hours - no luck. Had a dead stick out with a minnow on a floating lindy and pitched a jig. Bell jingled lightly once, but nothing there...probably the next state record coming by just close enough to make that minnow swim for its life...

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