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Pre fished Friday. We made the run out to Hoffland, Lund’s, and Tobacco Gardens. We caught fish in multiple places, and in a range of depths from 4-18 fow. It was a fun day.

On Saturday, for the PFTF tournament, we had a tough time scratching out fish in our spots. We ended up with 9 lbs and change. 👎👎 The ride out was rough, and the ride back was WORSE! Talk about a beating. I woke up Sunday morning and felt like I had an intense leg day at the gym.
A buddy almost swamped his boat on the way back. He speared a wave and said it dove like a submarine. Didn’t think it was coming back up. They bailed the water, the motor stayed running, along with the bilge, and they got it emptied. He lost his FULL tackle box in the ordeal, though.

Sunday, I went back out with the family. Momma had choice, as it was Mother’s day, and she chose FISHING! Yup! She’s a keeper. We caught a lot of fish, and had a blast watching our two youngest kids have solid days. My 6 year old daughter is baiting her own hooks like a pro now!

I heard through the grapevine that Beacon was good Sunday, pulling cranks. Heard White Earth was too.

It seems like fishing any shoreline with quick access to deep water has potential.

Had 51-52 degree water way out West on Sunday.
People were catching fish jigging, pitching jigs, pulling cranks, and pulling bb’s.
Gonna be another good year!

Updated 05-13-2019 at 07:42 AM by Vollmer

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  1. jpv's Avatar
    I’m still sore today from that ride back Saturday. Things are looking up though my blister on my thumb from hanging on for dear life is healing nicely👌

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  2. Fisherman25's Avatar
    V, I thought you were fishing AIM on Sunday?

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  3. Vollmer's Avatar
    If it would not had been Mother's Day, I would have.

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