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Fished out of Van Hook area this last weekend and found fish but they were not on fire and weren't hitting extremely aggressive. Over the 2 days of fishing we caught about 20 fish but the fish we caught were quality fish from about 18-26 inches and I don't know how many we missed and lost on the way in . Every fish we caught except for one was barley lipped hooked and on a lot of them the hook popped out when in the net and slack given on line. Fishing depths from 9-16 ft depending on time of day and wind. Caught a few pitching jigs and minnows but most were caught dragging a lindy about .3-.6 MPH and they were barley grabbing it that slow. Was a good weekend all and all.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Good report duk...what were you seeing for water temps?

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  2. jdinny's Avatar
    ndfinfan i was out on the hook friday evening. picked up a 25" and 2 19". the water temp on main lake was 51.1, 56.5 on the mouth of the bays and back in parshall 60.9.
    i found a spot literally stacked with fish on SI but couldnt get any takers. jigs and the slow lindy presentation never hit em with cranks, but they were locked jawed in that spot. you can bet ill be back at it this wknd though

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  3. dukgnfsn's Avatar
    Saturday morning was about 47-50 on main lake and by Sunday afternoon I seen as high as 53 on main lake and 57 in some of the bays we explored in. There was varied water temps depending on smoke haze and wind and sun. As stated not on fire but caught fish on and off through out both days. I would guess that it lowered the water temps Monday as weather moved thru but only a guess.

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  4. shorthairsrus's Avatar
    Lower temps on way and mixed up weather. I assume one day the fishing will get hot

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