Lake Sakakawea Fishing Report-June 4th, 2019

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Lake Sakakawea Fishing Report-June 4th, 2019

Changed it up and got back on Lake Sakakawea for a trip today. It was highly anticipated like usual. I love getting up there in early June when you can pitch jigs and minnows in the shallow water.
After being on Devils Lake the last couple weeks, I reached out to some really good friends to gather some intel. All indications pointed me to the usual shallow water points back in the bays. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to unleash her fury of lighting, heavy rain, and some hail on the section of lake we were fishing.
As a guide, I always try and put the boat and the clients on the highest percentage spots. We did just that and got a fish in the box up shallow early. A couple more walleyes caught and lost things started to slow down. For me fishing this time of year on the Lake Sakakawea it’s extremely hard to fish deep. My mind and body tells me no, but I think I waited too long to make that move.
The wind came up and made pitching jigs near to impossible. So I slid off a couple points and drifted across with jigs and lindys and we managed a few more fish. The quality of all the fish we caught today was absolutely unreal!
This week I’m only a one and done on Sakakawea since I have to head back to Devils Lake for a few trips yet this week. I’ll be giving you guys a fishing report from Devils Lake this as well! Sounds like things are really heating up.
If your looking for a trip on Devils Lake or Lake Sakakawea please email me at and we will get you all lined up for an awesome day on the water!
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