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Put in at 4bears today headed south almost to bears den started pulling flicker minnows in 15 -20 ft picked up 10 in couple hours switched to bb and picked up the last 5 great day on the water. Water temp was 60 on the main channel didn't go into any bays. Bright colors worked best.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. The_owl's Avatar
    I did the exact same thing yesterday (6/12). It was dead calm on the water and the amount of carp swimming everywhere was...gross? Lol. It looked a little off-putting, 500 carp on the surface just barely moving around. I’ve never shot a bow before, but I bet I could have had a 55 gallon drum filled up myself.

    Fish bite was pretty good. We got the limit in about 3 hours pulling cranks on the south/west shoreline from Bear Den heading back to the Casino. Purple Taildancer, reef runners in wonderbread colors, and black silver flicker minnow did best. We went back and forth from 18 to 10 foot. They were all over.

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  2. cooter00's Avatar
    I fished the same spot as you did yesterday I passed you just south of bears den we we're heading south we started about 2 miles before bears den we we're same depths we pulled flicker minnows chartreuse and purple did the best for us #9s we caught lots of small ones but managed 10 over 18 inches in 3 hours water raised to 66 degrees
    All the carp were crazy definitely packing the bow next trip

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