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Post Thunderstorm Fishing Same as Usual

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Bought a newer boat in great condition this week, tore out all of the old electronics and installed my Helix 9 yesterday. I was going to plop it in at Lake Darling for a couple hours of evening fishing. Took it to Brendel's instead to try to avoid the massive storm. It still hit Van Hook and I visited some friends for 20 minutes or so to wait it out. Hit the water and of course the fish locked their jaws for me. Did get one strike but missed it. I got a chance to check out my electronics and such. Everything is locked in and ready for the rest of the season. Should be out there today, but I work weekends in my office to avoid the crowds on the water. Headed to the office to clean up some electronic filings and put paperwork in order in a few minutes. See you on the water during the regular work week. No fish after the thunderstorm.
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