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Indian Hills and West

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Indian Hills area has been tough for the last two days. We have been running West as far as Deepwater Bay. Basically picking up one fish each location. Very tough this morning and midday also. 10 boats trying to fish the same point on a Monday morning while seeing one fish every 20-30 minutes out of 10 boats. I did pick up one nice one in the traffic, then moved on farther North. Tough tough tough. Fish cleaning station action, 4 guys with six fish was typical. Thunderstorm just went through and chased everyone off the lake, so I think I might hang it up for a couple days. I will be out one more day this week before Friday. The lake is very full, the Yellowstone River is still swollen and the mountains are still very white.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Stizostedion vitreum's Avatar
    I posted this Monday afternoon and again last nightnight but it did not seem to get on the site due to my spotty internet access. So this fishing report was for Monday, June 23rd and 24th, 2019.

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  2. Stizostedion vitreum's Avatar
    My day yesterday: Started out with wiping the dew off of the boat, pulled a stubborn rod holder out and smacked myself dead center in the forehead,
    ... blood running down my face. 1st stop had to deal with these old bastards doing pivot turns crisscrossing in front of me when they see somebody hook into a 20 minute wait fish. They need to go sit in front of a slot machine at the casino if they are going to get that excited about somebody else catching a fish. Chewed one old arrogant guy out, (and this is Monday) rained on us, then one nice fish in traffic then moved on. Sun came out nicely, by then it was noon. Got back to the dock, tying boat up and watched my prescription glasses sink to an18 foot bottom. Strapped a bunch of broom handles onto my net to see if I could snag them, no go. Jigging rap no go. Lot one lure in the process. Hunderstorm chased everyone off the lake, which I'm sure turned the slow bite into no bites. Sliced my finger on an extremely sharp knife someone left facing upward in the drawer. Loaded the boat, trailer light cover missing. Not the worst day at the lake I have ever had, but better than being at the office. Now I have to explain this star pattern wound between my eyes with the old frying pan story. Fish on! Stizo

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  3. Stizostedion vitreum's Avatar
    Sorry for the unedited posts. Cant read shit unless it is zoomed in. No friggin glasses. Getting older and trying fishing knots is fun when your lenses harden after age 45.

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  4. Stizostedion vitreum's Avatar
    Tying fishing knots!!! Tying! Lol!

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  5. Coalburner's Avatar
    I found this to be true as well - we managed to limit but we had to keep moving farther to the west - lots and lots of little (10-13 inches) walleye. Did not see very many people catching fish either. Farther we moved west the better luck we seemed to have both in terms of size and numbers.

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  6. Allen's Avatar
    We've all had those days, Stizo. Thanks for the reports, I was thinking of heading that way tomorrow.

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  7. bronco's Avatar
    Wow I feel your pain on the glasses. we are headed west tomorrow so that should shut the bite down

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  8. wkndwarrior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bronco
    Wow I feel your pain on the glasses. we are headed west tomorrow so that should shut the bite down
    headed out there tomorrow for the first time. Anyone willing to share some info would be greatly appreciated.

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  9. bonessk01's Avatar
    Stizo if you contact the local dive clubs or shops in the area you might get a diver to give a look for your glasses

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