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lotw walleye and saugers

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went up to lotw during the 4th and did fairly well pulling leadore in 29-30 ft with hotsteel #5 raps and crayfish colored fat raps. we pulled in 3 between 25 to 26 inches and lost a much bigger eye. almost all of our fishing was close to 12 mile reef, and when the waves where to rough we drifted with spinners. Gold perch was by far the best with shinners, they werent quite into crawlers yet. on friday my battery for the eletronics when dead so we just sort of winged it for awhile until the smoke out of canada rolled in and left us with a half mile visability, so i pointed the bow down wind and on the way back we ran into about 40 boats on buffolo point. we saved buffolo for saturday and brought with us more shinners and jigged up a bunch of saugers between 17 and 20 ft, they wanted everything slow ,almost dragging, but there lotz of them.
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    We fished Wednesday - Saturday and didnt have much luck jigging but caught plenty of eaters with five or more slots each day pulling spinners with leeches and crawlers. A few spots around garden island and 16 mile reef is where we had our best luck. Had a couple 27's, a 28 and a 29.5" great fishing and weather

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