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Hey guys,

Going to start salmon fishing this weekend, heard there are a few being caught. going to fish at least twice hopefully, will post report after the weekend. Does anyone have any advice where to start as far as depth. Any info is appreciated. Will post on Sunday.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Trolldeep's Avatar
    Landed 2 Monday @ 85’ and 95’. Herring and Flasher. I was marking fish from 65-100’ over the last week. I had one really bad day were I wasn’t marking much. But Monday morning I was all over them. Too bad storm chased me off the water. Good luck out there.

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  2. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    I will be out Friday afternoon or Saturday morning for sure. I have a 21’ alumacraft tiller. Maybe we will see you out there.

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  3. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    Fished from 6:30 AM until just before noon. Fished from 75’- 100’ using squids and herring. Didn’t have a release or mark many fish. Talked to one guy that had a good one on right away and lost it about 30’ from the boat. Fished from just south of government bay up through deadmans. Marked most of my fish from government to pochant . Water temp was 68.8 when we started and 70.2 when we loaded up.

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  4. Trolldeep's Avatar
    Curious to know if you try different leader lengths? The length from flasher to squid/herring ?

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  5. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    Yeah I try different lengths. The best for me seems to be about 12’ behind the ball at 1.8-2 mph. I have had the flasher as close as 8’ but rarely ever go beyond 15’. I know it makes a difference in the action, 12’ has been my go to though.

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  6. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    Leader lengths are anywhere from 30” to 40”. Have never messed around with them much though.

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  7. Trolldeep's Avatar
    Got beat up by the wind today. Managed to land 2. Green/chrome UV flasher with clear/UV pink squid. The other was on the same but clear/ UV pink needle fish. Both flashers were same design one was 8” the other was a 11”.I lost 2 mid way to boat. Never saw them. 82’ and 88’were keepers. 90,78’ I lost. All were over 140-165 FOW 2.0-2.2mph on the down rigger probe. And all were hooked in 49-58 degree water. Worked from deadman’s to govt bay. Mid way was the sweet spot. I’m not sure how to post pics...

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  8. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    I have had luck with that flasher before. Where you caught those has been where I have caught a lot of mine over the last couple years. What do you mean by downrigger probe? I have only been fishing salmon for a few years and am not sure what that is. Are the fish any size? Last year I struggled to catch any bigger than about 6-7 lbs. I am going to try and get up there on Friday and Saturday. Were you marking fish pretty consistently? I did not mark many on Saturday at all. It was probably the worst day I have ever had as far as marking fish.

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  9. Trolldeep's Avatar
    Best one was 24” I don’t have a scale. The probe is a fish hawk. You hook it to your ball. It sends a wireless signal to surface, temperature and speed at the down rigger ball. Also tells you your speed at surface. Fish were all over, some areas consistent others not so much.

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  10. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    I might have to look into one of those, sounds like a nice little toy with some good info. Will be fishing Friday-Sunday. I live in Underwood, driving down 83 to work , seen 4 salmon boats headed for the lake and that was just between Washburn and Underwood so people are hearing there are a few being caught, Hopefully break the ice on Friday morning.

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  11. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    can you give me the model number for the fish hawk that you have?

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  12. Trolldeep's Avatar
    Fish hawk x4.

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  13. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    Going to head up on Friday if the wind cooperates. The kids want to go and are not real fond of getting bounced around in the waves for hours on end. Will give a report. Have heard it is starting to pick up a bit and have seen more boats headed for the lake with riggers on.

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