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Heading to Audubon this weekend for same family time and hoping to get some fishing in. I've never fished this lake before. Read the previous report, I'll watch for rocks. Looking for nothing specific just possibly a starting point on new water. Thanks
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Lake Audubon


  1. HammsRMK's Avatar
    Try the 83 embankment and use your graph to find sunken islands. Lots of them to pick from, i haven't fished it in a while though. Good luck!

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  2. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Good main lake structure...inside turns...10 to 15 fow in the morning and evening...16 to 25 fow mid your electronics. Good lake map will show you shallow spots...just go slow and careful until you are comfortable with the lake...depth can change REAL fast!

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  3. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    The sunken islands east of the embankment usually hold fish all summer. Try a bottom bouncer and slow death or spinner. If you want to have some fun, we fished the northeast end of the lake last weekend around the islands with rocks around them and did quite well on smallmouth bass on jigs and top water poppers. Some of the smallies you could actually see coming before they blew up the top waters. My boys loved it and its all I heard about since. good luck, don't be afraid to fish deep on the sunken islands.

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  4. ndfinfan's Avatar
    The smallies on Audubon are a blast...caught quite a few over the years ice fishing too!

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