Van Hook

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Heading up to fish a few days starting Monday haven't seen any reports lately just wondering how it's going up there Thanks
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. VoodooShaman's Avatar
    Get deep. Like 30-35ft. If you find the baitfish you will find the Eyes

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  2. Brasmunky's Avatar
    Fished there last Saturday. We caught fish anywhere from 8fow-40fow but the best was in 12-20 range. Leeches and crawlers on chartreuse spinners were best for us. We left with 11 eyes between 15 and 24".

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  3. jdinny's Avatar
    this rpeort is from thursday-sunday.
    fishing is literally HIT or MISS.

    was fortunate to have the wife pop a fat 27" and the 5 year old son hit a 25" walleye. it seemed when you found big fish you were on big fish with everything over 20". when you found schools of small fish they were all small fish. like 12" small. with 4 kids under 6 in the boat I was more focused on playing and catching than hunting for new spots. our biggest fish came in 26ft reports of guys as shallow as 12ft as dep as 40ft +hope this helps it was BRUTALLY hot and zero wind all wknd

    yep im bitching its too hot.

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  4. Brasmunky's Avatar
    We fished 830am-1pm sunday. Started pitching jigs into 3fow and nailed a few nice ones. Then moved out and started trolling 15-20fow and kept a few more. Ended with 7 solid fish. Also I agree that heat was a bitch

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