Western Grebes on Lake Sak

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On Lake Sak this weekend I saw the largest concentrated group of Western Grebes in ND ever in the east end area by Mallard Island. Must have been a couple hundred within sight on Saturday. I suspect the fishing is good for them! Got to see a couple do the dance on the water which was pretty cool. Are they all over the lake or primarily on the east end?
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Sluggo's Avatar
    I saw a few over by Steinke but not a big pile like you saw, however there were 3 loons over there.

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  2. Buckmaster81's Avatar
    Go to DL if you wanna see a ton of grebes

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  3. Riverbottoms's Avatar
    Seen 2 loons in Douglas bay!

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  4. Rowdie's Avatar
    Probably a lot of baitfish in the area.

    BTW...they're called Hell Divers

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  5. Greenrocks's Avatar
    If you want to see birds, go count the Pelicans in the Tailrace. Must be over 200 of them.

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