Salmon on the Lake Post#2

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Was up at the lake on Friday and Saturday, the weather was beautiful both days. About 6 boats I could see on Friday and about 12-15 when I left at 11 on Saturday. I didn't have much luck, nothing Friday and lost one on Saturday. I heard there were a couple boats that did OK and I did mark substantially more fish then the previous weekend. Hopefully they are gonna go soon.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. ccbartuska's Avatar
    Thanks for the new post! I plan to get up there and give it a try sometime this week as well. I'll be sure to add comments here if I'm able to get out.

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  2. DakotaPro's Avatar
    I was also out chasing on Saturday... I had no luck nor did I see anybody move fast or have one on. Good amount of boats out rigging that morning! good to see

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  3. Trolldeep's Avatar
    I didn’t catch anything this weekend. Had a release on Saturday, got the line back down and a minute later had one on. Lost it mid way to the boat. Fished for Salmon 5 out of the last 7 days. Anywhere from 3 hours to 8 hours a day. I only netted 4. I got frustrated some days and went walleye fishing and did really well. Hopefully another week or two and it will pick up.

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  4. ccbartuska's Avatar
    Made it out yesterday from 6am to 10:30-ish. Planned to stay out longer initially, but got tired of the boat misbehaving in the wind/waves. Really dont have anything to pass on to ya'll though unfortunately....
    no fish in the net, no releases while on the water. Wont have another opportunity to try again for the next 2-3 weeks but I'll monitor posts to see how everyone is doing out there between now and then. Good luck everyone!!

    On a side note, anyone use or have any luck with Brad's baits? I talked a bit with an older gentleman last year and he recommended them to me. He said I can put tuna or sardines in them for scent. I picked a couple up at Scheels but just curious if anyone has any additional feedback I guess.

    Thank You, and hope to see you out there!

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  5. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    I started using them a little this year. There are a few guys that swear by them. I am also interested to try them when the fishing picks up. I also have heard of using tuna. The guy I talked to uses anchovy paste you can but from the grocery store. I put smelt gel scent in the one I tried. They look like they could work.

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  6. ccbartuska's Avatar
    Thanks for the response! I too was hoping to give it a try yesterday, figured I try out the new flashers with the little aggitaor keel on my first couple passes between the dam and Deadman's Bay (??)(I believe that's what it's called anyway, still kinda new to this salmon stuff! Just didnt get a chance to tie one on this time, but will certainly give it a go mid-Aug when I can get out again though! Thanks again!

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  7. Trolldeep's Avatar
    I’ve used the brads cutbaits. Like everything else in my tackle box it works on some days and other weeks not so much. I’ve used spoons, flies and krippled herring, all with some success. What I like about the brads cut baits. 1 In rough weather they are easier to rig then a herring. I can pack some up at the dock then pull out whenever. 2. I can still use the 3 day old defrosted waterlogged herring in my cooler. Ha ha ha.

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  8. ccbartuska's Avatar
    Hello, sorry but I'm not sure I've heard of the herring approach, is that another bait I should look into....but for calmer days the way it sounds?

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