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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the information and discussion. With how the salmon bite is, it sounds like we all can use all the info we can get. We only got one on Sunday with a couple other releases and it was blue on blue at 85' Sounds like a lot of the fish that were landed on Sunday were caught in that range somewhere but heard of some as shallow as 55-60 and as deep as 105'. Also heard of a couple caught on the dam long lining cranks over 30-35' pulling cranks down about 20-25'. I probably wont get out much because of outage at work but may be able to get out a couple of evenings. Has anyone had any luck in the evenings?
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. JB_24's Avatar
    We salmon fished friday & saturday with downriggers & never caught a thing. Decided Saturday night to take the riggers off & try long lining sunday morning. That paid off for us as we caught 1 salmon & 3 walleyes cranking along the bluffs & dam area. Our salmon came down 20' over about 30' on a deep diving reef runner.

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    Updated 09-03-2019 at 10:16 AM by JB_24
  2. Trolldeep's Avatar
    Anyone have any luck lately?
    Got 2 today. 1 @75’ on a spoon and the other at 100’ on squid. Both over 140-150 FOW.I also had a double release but nothing on the end of either one.
    I saw a lot of boats shallow inside Govt Bay. I’m assuming they were pulling crank baits? Lot of them were moving pretty quick. I have never fished this late in the season. Should I be fishing shallower?

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  3. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    Fish have been getting caught everywhere. The other night I talked to a guy that caught them deep like you did, I caught 3 fishing 45 down over 60 and a guy had one on off shore in government when I loaded up. Everyone I talk to says they are scattered.

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  4. Trolldeep's Avatar
    Caught a skip jack and a catfish today. A cat fish at 2.5 mph 90’ down on a spoon! Come the **** on ! 1 other bite. Fished from 30’-115’. 1.7-2.8 mph. Heard one caught at 80’ and another at 65’. Tried cranks in govt bay for a hour or so with no luck. Probably the last day of the season for me. Good luck to you all. Thanks for the info this year.

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  5. Vollmerer's Avatar
    Fished Monday from 7 am till 11 am. Let the kids play on the bank for a couple hours and went back out from 2 till 4. Had 14 releases and boated 6 including one jack we released. Wife found a huge fossilized tooth of some sort on the beach. Fun day for everyone. I can't figure out how to post pics

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