Deep Water

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Was down at deep water saturday and sunday fishing was slow for us, we caught two catfish and 6 eyes all around that 14'' mark. went from 25-60 fow did not see many bait fish. We were mostly on the west side of the river. Anyone else do any good? We pulled cranks, tried jig and minnow, spinners. The bites we did get were really light also. Thats why its fishing not catching.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. wales's Avatar
    Fished shell and pouch area and a lot of spots from there to further east last weekend. Slowest fishing I've had. Tried from 10 to 50 feet, from trolling cranks to jigging. Fishing was good, catching was horrible.

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  2. reddevilwoodsman's Avatar
    My wife and I fished in the area on the west side of Deep Water Bay (slides I think it's called) Saturday and Sunday. We marked a lot of fish and balls of bait fish in around 35 feet of water so we pulled cranks with leadcore and snapweights targeting 35 feet both days. Saturday we filled out with walleyes in the neighborhood of a 3 lb. average and Sunday we only got a couple of 3 pound fish but filled out with smaller walleyes before noon. There was little wind on Sunday morning and the bait fish weren't as prevalent which is probably why there were fewer larger walleyes, but there were still plenty of walleyes in the area. We thought the fishing was pretty good.

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