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A couple of us hit the Tailrace this morning. We only fished for a couple of hours, and ended up with six nice 'eyes. Finally got the tin can river rat boat on the water. I can happily report that no issues arose.

We were using jiggin' raps.
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Missouri River


  1. ndfinfan's Avatar
    What did you have for water temps V?

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  2. Vollmer's Avatar
    63 I think it was.

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  3. scrotcaster's Avatar
    Hit up the tailrace as well yesterday and fished the shoots. Caught catfish almost on every pass..There on the chomp right now, Fun!

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  4. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    Vollmer, were you in the chutes?

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  5. JayKay's Avatar
    Tailrace is also good from shore, on the west side. Did well both Saturday and sunday nights. The window is brief however..

    Saturday night was a busy night there. It was far more pleasant standing on the rocks, catching fish, watching the bumper-boats.

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  6. Vollmer's Avatar
    No, we were up the spillway.

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  7. Vollmer's Avatar
    We hit the Tailrace again last night. Kept a few eyes, lost 2 salmon at the boat, and boated one salmon.
    Pretty cool evening.

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  8. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    were you in the spillway again? Jigging Raps?

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  9. Vollmer's Avatar
    By the damn that time.

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