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It’s a shame lake Darling closed September 30th. Went again on Saturday and other than being a little chilly, the fishing was great! We caught our limit of walleye before noon pulling spinners/BBs and crawlers as bait. Now for the bonus...I hadn’t caught any decent perch there since 2009 and we caught 12. We threw 2 back and kept 10. The two biggest were 13” and 14”. Can’t wait for iceName:  18E69E21-C654-4EF0-9B1C-EE2EAA48303A.jpg
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Lake Darling


  1. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Awesome Stu...way to go!

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  2. zoops's Avatar
    Reminds me of a friend from Minot who doesn't fish a ton but has a boat - had a nice day in October so he decided to run up to Darling and thought it was weird there was no one out there. Found out later about the closure

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  3. NDbowman's Avatar
    Does it always close? why?

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  4. Allen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NDbowman
    Does it always close? why?
    It's a National Wildlife Refuge with the express mission of supporting waterfowl. So it closes during the migrations in order to provide refuge for weary travelers.

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  5. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Be nice if they would even consider allowing non-motorized watercraft access until say 1 November...

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  6. AR-15's Avatar
    Shit duck Priority

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