Tailrace / spillway

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Heading up to the tailrace / spillway tomorrow in the boat. Never fished up there before, so I am open to any suggestions or strategies on how to find and catch fish! Thanks.
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Missouri River


  1. Paddledogger's Avatar where go, especially if you have never fished there. Pucker factor can hit you pretty fast if you go down and around to the spillway. Get the fishing in before the apparent snowstorm later this week. I was going to go fishing Tuesday, but ended up winterizing the boat because of the forecast. Good luck! Be sure to give a report.

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  2. JayKay's Avatar
    How'd it go? I realize you were up in there a bit over 2 weeks ago. Since then, we had winter, a bit of spring, and now it's fall again.

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  3. Colenelson's Avatar
    We were able to get a few. Lots of catfish though. Overall good day on the water though

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