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Bis-Man Missouri River

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Heading out fishing tomorrow on the boat and have not been out in a month or two. Just seeing if North of Bis-Man or South of Bis-Man would be better. I'm not here to take anyones fishing spot or catch all the fish. I'm just a guy that dosn't get out much and can't fish everyday to track the fish and fish every little contour. Also, not asking for anyone to put the fish on my hook for me but just point me in the right direction. Thanks
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Missouri River


  1. ndwalleyes's Avatar
    Water is still high. 46k cfs has been the rate all summer. I don't know if I've seen more that a few fishing boats out in town all summer. May want to head down to the Hazelton or Cannonball area....less current for sure.

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  2. Sparky2_1's Avatar
    I'm heading to Hazelton tomorrow. Hope to find them. Was down there when the tumbleweed had their tournament. Didnt do so hot that day. Hoping for a better one tomorrow. Will be the last time out with the boat for this year. See you there

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