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Tail Race 10/16-10/19

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Spent a few days at the tail race and fished everywhere between the chutes and the confluence where the overflow meets the river. We didn't break any records, but did manage a few eater size eyes, plenty of catfish (don't overlook them, they're delicious!), a few salmon, and the occasional northern. Best part of the trip (outside of the good company) was a 14lb 0oz walleye caught on the first night. She was thick and had been eating VERY well! We did best on 3 ways up by the chutes with husky jerks, and jiggin raps at the downstream pond. The later you can fish, the better it seemed to get. Caught the big girl right at midnight. Good luck!
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Missouri River


  1. cooter00's Avatar
    Got any pics

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  2. Sluggo's Avatar
    14…That’s a toad! Any idea how long it was?

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  3. Chas'n Tail's Avatar
    I'll work on getting a pic up, not a lot of experience on getting pics up on this site. And it was 32 1/2" long

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  4. Chas'n Tail's Avatar
    Couldn't get the pic uploaded to this page, but I put one on the pictures section of the home page.

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  5. R@nger_BO@TS's Avatar
    Was up in the chutes last night had one bite and that was all, we used 3 ways with husky jerks and jigged too, we only saw 2 other fish get caught

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    Updated 10-26-2019 at 12:13 PM by R@nger_BO@TS
  6. JayKay's Avatar
    Shorefished both east and west sides on Friday night. Gave it all my attention, for several hours, with nothing to show for my troubles. Jig-n-fluke/zoom, cranks, switched spots several times.

    Lot of cisco to be seen, some walleye, a few paddlefish, possibly saw a few rainbows. Some of the biggest God-awful carp I've ever seen. I mean, I've lived here all my life, fished ND waters for probably 45 years, and my jaw dropped when I saw them come ghosting by.

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