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Heard there was a couple inches on nelson bay, Audobun as of last week. But Any new reports on the ice thickness throughout ND?
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Lake Audubon


  1. Cwavra's Avatar
    Cole I heard there was some ice out there on Audubon but no proof. You be safe out there!

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  2. dean nelson's Avatar
    Just watch out near shore they are dropping the lake right now so that will make it sketchy in the area that it's buckling in.

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  3. Colenelson's Avatar
    Ice fished Nelson Bay, Audobun yesterday. Found 4 inches of ice way back in the bay, otherwise it was 2-3 inches everywhere else in Nelson, and on the north end of Audobun around 3 mile corner. Didn’t get many fish, but always fun to get out.

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  4. Jmalloy's Avatar
    4-5” out from the access on Ashtabula. Didn’t catch any but got the dust off the auger.

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