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Anyone have any ice reports around valley city or Jamestown?
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  1. BRK's Avatar
    I would rate them somewhere around "shit" and "stay off".... Last 10 days of weather wrecked any chances of ice fishing safely in those necks of the woods.

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  2. KDM's Avatar
    BRK said it pretty well. There's been water running through all the drainages and coulees all week from melting ice and snow which doesn't bode well for safe ice and there is melt water on top of all the sloughs I've driven by in the last week as well. Be Safe!!!

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  3. Jm1986's Avatar
    Tomorrow morning I will be going to check ice thickness right off the boat landing. With these lower temps it should be making OK ice. However, Make sure you bring your spud bar and ice picks. When you think first ice is safe is when it’s the most dangerous. Be safe everyone

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  4. Chooch's Avatar
    Going north towards carrington tomorrow check out a few before snow comes

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  5. Chooch's Avatar
    Drove around and checked some lakes, moon, island and north eckelson all had flip overs on the ice looked in there test holes and ice was anywhere from 2” to 6”. Also checked out fox lake there was a lot of holes drilled about 30 yds off shore

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