Jamestown/valley city lakes

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Anyone willing to share a ice report for the Jamestown valley city area, I will report what I find tomorrow
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  1. zoops's Avatar
    Last weekend, traveling 94, most of those lakes had some open water so be careful. The only one I saw some activity on was Island; it had 2 flipovers on Friday.

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  2. Chooch's Avatar
    Fished fox lake with a very solid 8” there was about 6-10 houses out there between 8am-11am marked a lot, had no takers, drove over to eckelson, there was a lot of people out there ice had to be decent cause there were numerous 4wheels out there

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  3. That guy's Avatar
    On Friday i drove by the crossing on the ashtray and it was open quite aways south under the bridge and looked pretty schetchy. Would not reccomend it to anyone yet, but the next few days will help.

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  4. strikemaster8's Avatar
    Usually open water under the bridge at the crossing, looking and actually being "sketchy" are two different things. Good luck chooch, heard fox has been really good for perch so far

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