Sweet Briar

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Went out on New Year's (1/1/2020). Didn't get any bites while fishing along the edge of the channel on the north end of the lake until sunset. From 5:15 pm to 5:45 pm there was a flurry of activity. Then it all stopped. Was fishing various holes from 9 to 16 feet of water.
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Sweet Briar


  1. RadCopper's Avatar
    I was also out there from 11 to 4:30 pm. Caught 9 fish missed 5 or 6 and marked alot, only 3 of them were keepers. Fished a drop off that went from 8 to 15.5 feet in the length of my clam ice house. I was more towards middle of lake, ice was 12.5" thick.

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  2. Sluggo's Avatar
    Whatcha catching, perch, walleye, bluegill, bullheads?

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  3. RadCopper's Avatar
    8 Walleye, 1 Northern and i don't keep Walleye under 14 inches.

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  4. dean nelson's Avatar
    Honest question but does anyone ever do great out there. Every time I've gone there and every single person I've ever known that's gone there the stories are almost always the same fair few fish but all dink's. Yet it's one of the most popular lakes around here so I'm just curious if what I've seen is not necessarily always indicative of that Lake.

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