Lake Audobun

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Fished Audobun this past weekend around the turtle lake access in 18 fow, with little success. Marked a couple throughout the night, but overall it was extremely slow. Thinking maybe the winter storm coulda messed with the fish. Gonna try it again this coming weekend... Has anyone been having luck up there lately though?
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Lake Audubon


  1. Vollmer's Avatar
    I’ve sworn off that lake for awhile.
    Damn Dudabon.

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  2. tikkalover's Avatar
    January and February on Audubon = fishing sucks.

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  3. DareDevilDave's Avatar
    Went yesterday from 1-5 and I couldn't catch crabs from a $2 hooker. I think I might try the big lake or darling from now on.

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  4. H82bogey's Avatar
    Was up Saturday from 3-6:45pm. Caught 7 and lost as many. Had the house set up in 21ft with tip ups going in shallower. Caught fish in all depths. Bites were soft so lost quite a few fish before I got them up the hole. The size wasn't great. Out of the 7 I caught, only two were big enough to keep. Most were in the 10-12" range, but I did lose a couple bigger fish on shallow tip ups.

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  5. ndrivrrat's Avatar
    Two of us fished Audubon Thursday and Friday. Was slow all day until about 5pm and then fast and furious for about a half hour. Caught 10 on Thurs with 6 keepers and 6 on Friday with 4 keepers. 22 ft of water.

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