Broken Oar Ice Tournament 2020

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Looked like a decent turn out, but i didn't stay to see the results. Anyone know where to find what fish and size of fish were caught Saturday?
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Missouri River


  1. DirtyMike's Avatar
    Final standings are on the big muddy Facebook page.

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  2. RadCopper's Avatar
    Does anyone catch fish in any of the bays around Bismarck/Mandan? Would be nice fishing in town.

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  3. DirtyMike's Avatar
    Two walleye were caught, a lot of small pike, a couple carp and some crappies. There's plenty of fish in the marina bay as my camera had action a lot of the day.

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  4. Rowdie's Avatar
    So do people drive around on the canals in the Marina area? Is it legal?

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