Who says OAHE doesn't have big fish!

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Only bite of the day. First fish out of my new shack! Put it back, I'd say over 10lbs
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Lake Oahe


  1. Sluggo's Avatar
    Very nice!!

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  2. RPNLPS's Avatar
    Excellent catch any day!!!!!

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  3. Rowdie's Avatar
    Only bite all day. 14 inches of ice, we drove out.

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  4. cooter00's Avatar
    Nice fish

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  5. Rowdie's Avatar
    I wish we would have marked it's length on the shack or with a piece of line or something!! Largest walleye I've ever laid eyes on alive. I'm guessing 12 over 30". It had really nice light color, and wasn't all beat up. Sure turned a crap day of fishing into a day I'll never forget. Lucky Larry gets another pig while I've never even got one over 8lbs. Always the brides maid never the bride. Lifetime, I've Netted two over 10 and a 9.5.

    Oh, and he didn't 'Ahab' the pic LOL

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  6. Captain Ahab's Avatar
    Nice fish! Get yourself a bump board and a scale for the future.

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  7. 5575's Avatar
    Nice one!
    There will be giants taken again this year for sure, never seen them so fat.
    Best one I've seen was a 14.68 from this winter on Oahe.

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  8. Rowdie's Avatar
    I had a tape measure with me, but we wanted to get her back, and I couldn't find it, still can't??. Scale is in the boat. There's gonna be some pigs caught (snagged) in Biz again this year. That thing looked sooooo huge swimming under the hole, not sure how we got him in.

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  9. Lycanthrope's Avatar
    I had similar experience fishing out from ft rice ramp a few years ago, got there around 4pm, cold as HELL outside. Didnt get a bite till around 8pm, was just planning to pack up and I got a 10+lb eye. Definitely made the trip worth it

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  10. mills423's Avatar
    Good fish! Looks almost like a Winnipeg fish - got the same type of color hue.

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  11. Rowdie's Avatar
    I heard a 30+ incher was caught in MOBRIDGE too. I predict some pigs will be caught in Mo river again this spring. Or snagged

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