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lake audubon 2/16/2020

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BUNK TRIP....went sat out there four of us all day from sun up to sun down multiple depths and didnt get not a single bite not one of us we were off the totten trail boat...i havnt been there in years and dont think ill be going back for years to come all the ppl pulling there ice castles off the ice around us made me think we wernt the only ones not getting any action
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Lake Audubon


  1. 1850reata's Avatar
    We tried several different lakes on Sat in the Cleveland area with similar results.

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  2. Chooch's Avatar
    I think fluctuations in temps is playing a big role in the inactivity, fished alkaline from 1pm to 8pm, had 2 small marks and that was it in 2 different locations

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  3. Allen's Avatar
    Same story here, fished a couple Kidder county bodies of water that are usually good to me on Sat and Sunday. I could jig them up and then they'd just flip me the fin and swim away.

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  4. Coalburner's Avatar
    Lake Audubon........home of 2 to 3 fish in 12 hours - just when you decide to say your never going back then all of a sudden you have a day where you catch your limit in 30 minutes. I sometimes think this lake is only popular because it has such easy access and is remotely close to Bismarck/Mandan. A lot better places to go for ice fishing in my opinion.

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  5. Cooz'sCatches's Avatar
    thinking about heading out after work friday... audubon or south to beaver. wondering if anyone has and insight on good bites or decent conditions

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