I see A LOT of water on the River ...

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Anyone have Boat fever with this warm spell????? Bismarck Area
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Missouri River


  1. Rowdie's Avatar
    Yes, but I have some trailer work to do. And I have to get all my ice fishing shit put away and organized!!

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  2. Monks's Avatar
    I’m half-tempted to try and get the Recon wet this weekend !

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  3. drayweb's Avatar
    Are any of the ramps around the Bismarck-Mandan area open yet? I might run out to the cabin this weekend and get my boat if it's nice out. Need a new battery for my motor. Any good batteries out there besides Interstate?

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  4. Tillerman2095's Avatar
    Fox island is open. No dock until later this month.

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  5. Monks's Avatar
    Good to know about Fox island ! I was at the public ramp under the I 94 bridge “not from here so don’t know the name of the ramp” but that ramp is ice jammed pretty good at the moment..

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  6. WLYHNTR's Avatar
    Grant Marsh-Meriwethers ^^^^^^^^

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  7. Whitetail56's Avatar
    Buddy of mine fished fox yesterday said it was slow other boats did ok though he said

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  8. jtl1985's Avatar
    got our limit Saturday.

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  9. Mo fishes's Avatar
    Nelson Lake is a power plant lake, Ill be there Tuesday on my inflatable pontoon.

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