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Any certain tactics or areas in Bismarck that work for fish on the river? I went and threw cranks for about an hour the other day with no luck. It just seems tough to find a good spot from shore here! Just looking for some tips and anything and everything is appreciated! Do cranks or plastics work better?
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Missouri River


  1. Twitch's Avatar
    Certain places tossing cranks or jigs can produce but just tossing a lindy or floating jig with a couple minnows and letting them sit can be fantastic

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  2. Up Y'oars's Avatar
    Heavy FLAT weights (least resistance to the current) and a floating jig, tipped with a couple of minnows, in the least amount of slack water you can approach.

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  3. MSA's Avatar
    Jig n a minnow this time of year down there. Cast any slack water.

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  4. dean nelson's Avatar
    Yep jig and a minnow is the best bet this time of year.

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  5. Sum1's Avatar
    Hesket Station at night. Great place to throw cranks.

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  6. JayKay's Avatar
    Agreed on Heskett. Best if you have waders though. Easier to move around, etc.

    Still very early though. I haven't gone wading in the river even once yet.

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  7. Mo fishes's Avatar
    Ever tried Nelson Lake in Center, ND? Not too far from Bismark. Is it a grass lake or mostly rock and soft bottom?

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