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I fished the Columbia river 3-16 & 3-17, biggest fish caught was 11.6 lbs, walleye, caught 14 first day 8 second day many 3-5lbs. Froze our asses off. 24 degrees in am.. Bite was very slow
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  1. 5575's Avatar
    Ha ha ha that's a great bite on the Big C! I've fished there days were the biologists doing the creel survey at the ramp says they had one boat in that caught a walleye all day on a weekend! If you can put 5 fish in the boat a day with 3-4 guys you are doing good. Heck your lucky you got bvb to fish every day, wind usually messes at least one day up. This year I'm glad we made the decision to go in because 15 min later a storm with a recorded gust of 74 mph was recorded, capsized a damn tug boat!
    This was my 20th year going out there, numbers were down and so was size. Gets worse every year, but what do you expect from a system where they are trying to eradicate them for being an evasive species by not having a limit on how many you can kill a day. Sad

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  2. Casey Buchholz's Avatar
    I was not impressed with my trips to the Columbia in the past either. If you go out and time it perfectly you can catch the fish of a lifetime though.

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  3. Mo fishes's Avatar
    The Columbia River is one of the best systems in the country. You can catch 30lb+ chinook salmon, 20lb+ steelhead, as you can attest to big walleye, nice job, prehistoric sturgeon over 100lbs, and more smallmouth bass than you can count. I wont get into the politics but you can definitely still catch a record for any of those species out there on the Columbia. The water is a bit high and turbulent this time of year but if I could fish anywhere in the country the Columbia is my choice. Thanks for the report!

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