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New to the site and state, anyone know of some good areas near(1-2hrs) Grand Forks? I dont have ice gear but fished the Red River and Larimore Dam before iceout and caught some cats, bass, and one 20in pike. Nothing of great size. I am willing to put in the time for bigger fish and go into Minnesota if needed. I have an oar powered boat so not beholden to shore fishing. I grew up fishing for salmon, bass, and trout but no experience with walleye, pike, and musky. Cats seem fairly simple on the Red River, just gotta find a good inlet and sit above it.

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks.


  1. zoops's Avatar
    The Red is probably your best bet if you're looking for big fish. Cats over 15 lbs are readily available and big walleyes can be had near the dams in the spring time. Otherwise you're probably looking at Stump/Devils Lake, which do provide good shore fishing or places to dump your small boat in a ditch.

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  2. gatorbaiter's Avatar
    The small rivers and dams around can have some surprising catches and can be a lot of fun some times. Lake Aurdoch for example will give you cats, drum, pike, carp, and few walleye and saugers. The problem is of course you never catch very many, but for scratching the fishing itch its sometimes useful. I've had some really fun times fishing the Red from shore but except for cats its not usually a numbers game. I usually have the best luck in the fall by the dams. Its kinda the hero or zero mentallity for me. Ive got skunked on the red more than any where else but also had some amazing days there. Its just a pain though with the every rain jumping the river almost to flood stage thanks to every farmer having ditched his fields in the whole valley. But ya, whenever I really want to catch a bunch I always head to Devils Lake. Also as you may know the stock catchable size rainbows in Turtle River state park several times a summer if you want to scratch the trout bug.

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  3. Huntdux's Avatar
    Renwick at Icelandic State Park by Cavalier, Fordville Dam, Larimore Dam west on HWY 2, Homme Dam by Park River.

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  4. Allen's Avatar
    As spring approaches, puddle hop the English Coulee through Grand Forks and down by the diversion. 20 years ago, a person could find perch, pike, and LM bass (of good size) out in the EC Diversion. In the early spring, sauger can be found in the EC up in the city limits of GF.

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  5. Allen's Avatar
    Oh yeah, this should be a help:

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  6. Mo fishes's Avatar
    Thank you all for the advice. Tight lines!

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